My name is Llewyn Banks.

I’m a forty year veteran of the Davidson Sun Times in Nashville, TN. Recently retired and recently divorced. My therapist recommended I take up a hobby – like helping people. I regretfully agree, but given my financial predicament, the only person I’m willing to help is myself.

Journalism is the only thing I know and the only thing I love. Unfortunately, in my final years of work, I watched journalism plummet like a body from a building. So I thought fuck it, I’ll sell my soul to the devil for a couple bucks. The thing I love most about journalism is honesty, and I intend be as honest as possible.

My nephew Perry built this website and as payment gets to contribute via email whatever millennial gobbledygook slides from his brain. Perry is a fuck-up and a disappointment. I have no doubt in my mind, he will reveal this over time. He is an aspiring Youtube Loser and computer musician. He has made an app and wrote a terrible book. You can find his “work” located throughout the site.

Here’s to it.